Belpointe is rapidly becoming recognized as a leader in factor-based quantitative portfolio design

Using both fundamental and technical factors to drive the decision process, the team can back-test results through any market environment. The partnership between man and machine has been with us since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Computer-based portfolio solutions have been in place for nearly 40 years but have only gained in popularity in recent years.

Belpointe’s Alpha Select strategy run by Chief Strategist David Nelson uses fundamentally-based quantitative screens to identify the most attractive stocks in a given universe. Using a proprietary back-tested multi-factor model, securities are ranked across five major categories including value, growth, industry, earnings momentum and dividends.

Speed isn’t the only advantage a computerized quantitative process brings to the table.

Devoid of emotion, a computer-driven process can assist the portfolio manager in security selection, entry and exit. Alpha Select marries important fundamental principles used in security selection with a rules-based approach to enhance returns.

Belpointe’s BullFinder Tactical programs focus on technical quantitative triggers to drive asset allocation and provide drawdown protection during unfavorable markets.

Our entire team is dedicated to delivering quantitative portfolio design that is adaptable, research-based and cutting edge. Please contact us for more information on this or any of our other investment strategies.